Thats right i'm updating at work again...

bad news: my body hurts from too much yoga.

good news: I have a job interview for a Production assistant position on monday, I have have applied for a job with the NRDC (supper cool environmental law firm) and I have a temp job for next week! so job wise it looks like i'm going to be set. *knock on wood*

My classes at SMC also start on monday (art history and statistics) i'm actually kind of excited, the grade dosen't transfer (only the credit) and I'll only have class two days a week. All the fun of learning with none of the pressures of full time school!!

opps gotta go.. quittin time


p.s. 1. What are the bad guys called in Battle Star Galactica? (35.46 pts)
2. How many models of them are there? (12.5 pts)
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holy fucking shit

Okay so i haven't exactly been updating this thing regularly... but now that i'm going to be home for a year I think maybe now is a good time to start using this thing again.

Speaking of things I haven't done in years... I took a Yoga class Wednesday. I think the last time i steped on a Yoga mat was in Shiela Block's body mind and fitness class in 9th grade. I was feeling to lazy to go to a dance class so I went to yoga at my gym... big mistake two days latter my entire body still hurts...and yet i'm probably going to go back next week. my body hates me.

I'm still temping while i'm looking for a full time job, but honestly some of the assignments i go on are really fun and interesting (aka I get paid to play on the computer and update lj.) At the moment i'm working for NT picture and sound, a post production company that does big budget feature films. I have been checking in and out master prints of Disaster Movie *shudder* and believe me I have seriously considered "loosing" the copies. Unfortunately they would then sue me for rediculous amounts of money as the blank tapes alone cost upwards of $300.

Heres hoping I actually keep updating this thing.



How much cafine is in 1 redbull? (15 points)
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hmmm, well its been forever since i've posted... not much to say. spring break is right around the corner, i'm going skiing with the parentals, and then going to anime Punch (which is going to be sweet) i'm thinking of going as Vash (Trigun) but as a tree version of vash. It should be a good time. School is going well so far as I can tell, (haven't really gotten any assignments back this semester). People at Oberlin kind of rock <3!!!!! also.... fencing.....


P.s. Brownie points!!!!
1. how many layers does the neo cortex have? (25 pts)
2. who was Muntzer? (30 pts)
3. what is the name of alice's cat from alice in wonderland? (10pts)
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I have nothing to say for myself today, life is normal hw, math, Gandhi, and all that good stuff

1. At what age was Gandhi married? (25 pts)
2. Give me palandromes!! (lots of points)
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pirates day!!!!

watche selections of potc with really really cool people!! fun fun fun! yarg peoples.

had a good day, rather sleepy but read alot.

Showing Fire Fly to noob!! she rocks, so much fun fun fun fun

If you can't tell i'm really tired and i need to sleep but i wont because... well because.

What is Rum made of? (15 pts)

good fucking luck
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(no subject)

Well the first 2 weeks of school are gone! Its hard to believe i'm finally in college, but I'm having a hella good time! My classes rock (except for calc) My teachers are great (i'm going to have Indian food at one of their houses tonight) and the people here are really cool (and by cool i mean they are all dorks) though they have nothing on the posse.

Fuck everythings going way too well, I'm just waiting for the crash.

any way have to go rewrite a paper. bye for now

P.S. Brownie points!! (the return)

Why is George Lucas a horrible person? (may the best rant win, 25 points)

Have a nice day! :)
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(no subject)

it is late, i just finished all my homework and i have not updated for a month and a half. So spring break is in 2 weeks, and then school is almost over! I love being a senior. Nothing fantastic to report. I have the sniffles and i probly won't remeber typing this cause i'm sooooo tired, but other than that life goes on...


1. Which country is the author Nabokov origionally from
2. that meaning does the term latin lover hold for europeans

that is all


I got a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is a used 1993 gold lexus!! in great condition. i can't believe it!! little miss ride whore is a ride whore no more!

(note that the exclamation marks mean i'm excited about this)

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(no subject)

Katie has lots of music on her ipod nano now, thanks to elise and my random uploading of all of the cd's she lent me!!! Katie+music=oxymoron. Physics is amazing and prety people never reach terminal velocity instead they go to 0 velocity which happens to have the same acceleration as terminal velocity. and mal says prety people can't die so it all makes sense witht he law of imortal prety people. You heard i here first folks!! This law quantifiys lost and all other TV shows where prety people last much longer than all of the ugly people who did not make it onto the show! (if this makes no sense to you thats a good sign)

okay done being crazy now.

p.s. Brownie points!!!!
1: around what is the terminal velocity of a human body in free fall?
2: what is the acceleration of an object moving at terminal velocity?
3: In what episode of fire fly does mal claim that prety people can't die?
4: tell me what happens to Mrs. Weasley's wand on pg. 59 of the fourth book? (i don't expect you to know this off the top of your head, just get your book out and look it up!)


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(no subject)

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto -

how hilarious is that?

any way last night i saw two movies, Blow up (intelectual modernist Antonioni film) and Serenity (scifi action film based on a show that i am totally ubsessed with) interesting combination for one night wouldn't you say?

Any both of them were amazing!Serenity was soooooooooooooooooo good, i just love all of the characters and and and and everything about Fire Fly!!!

on a less happy note i now have to go write college essays so talk to you all laters.

1: name on cannon pairing in Fire Fly
2: name the first spell that Harry teaches to the D.A. club in Harry Potter 5
3: name the event that the main character in Blow Up photographs
4: name the director of Fire Fly/Serenity

lots of points...
good luck
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